Algonquin Tea

100% certified organic, hand-picked, indigenous Canadian herbs and blended herbal teas.

The Algonquin Tea Company is a collective of dedicated Earth lovers who had a vision of sharing the healing medicine of plants from the Algonquin area. In 1996 when we started, we sold over one hundred of the region’s herbs, seeds and three tea blends—which we put into tea bags. Lucid Dream, Homestead Blend, Sweetfern Tonic were instantly recognized in the market place, from the boxes and their wild taste, as a New type of product. Herbs exclusively from the Algonquin  land where we live, reverently hand picked and naturally dried. The first bioregional company in North America, we were a decade ahead of the “Local Food” movement. With the teas’ great success, we were soon too busy to offer all the herbal products and seeds, and focused on the sustainable harvest of herbs for the teas. A couple of years later, we brought out three more varieties: Awakening, Peace, and Sacred Blend.

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Sacred blend tea - Vision Communion Clarity

These three sacred herbs bless us with a healing sense of communion, tranquillity and focus, for which the herbs are known by native americans.


Awakening tea - Balanced energy stimulant

Blends nutritious and supportive herbs with stimulating herbs, producing a balanced, uplifting tea that energizes without the side-effects of caffeine.


Sweetfern Tonic - Daily Immune Booster herbal blend

This delicious and healthy gentle tonic can be enjoyed daily. Carefully formulated to assist every organ in the elimination of toxins. Tastes like black tea.


Lucid dream tea - Enhanced dream recall herbal blend

Handpicked by canoe in the algonquin wilderness, sweet gale is a light flavourful herbal tea which is said to enable one to have more memorable dreams.


Peace tea - Security tranquility and peace herbal blend

Peace tea instills the tranquillity, patience and beauty of the earth. This rich, bittersweet blend grounds us in a flowing meadow of healing herbs.


Homestead Blend - Cold and flu blend organic herbal tea

Named for the pioneers who enjoyed these herbs for fighting colds, fevers and flu, as well as being a delicious and soothing drink. Great iced tea.


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