La Barberie

Rooted in the community since 1997, uniting a dedicated team, passionate about beer and social engagement skills, La Barberie, first microbrassicole cooperative enterprise in Québec's mission is to produce and deliver original and distinctive recipes the desire to democratize beer by developing a sense of community. 

In addition to its products almost everywhere in Quebec, La Barberie invites you to discover its creations in her salon tasting warm and unpretentious.


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La Barberie Biological Blonde

Biological Blonde La Barberie is the first Quebec beer to receive organic certification by Ecocert Canada.


La Barberie Rousse Bitter

Red ale strongly hopped typical and slightly caramelized. Final dry. Fits well with the Kenogami cheese.


La Barberie Brasse-Camarade

Rousse strong with roasted malts and caramelized very present. Its rich creaminess softens its bitterness.


La Barberie Coppered tea (seasonal fall-winter)

Balance between malt and hops. His infusion of Earl Grey gives it typed flavors of tea and bergamot.


La Barberie India pale ale

Coppered with frank bitterness. Floral aromas of hops historically specific APIs.


La Barberie Pale ale lime and raspberry (seasonal spring-summer)

Lime and raspberry combine the nose and mouth in this slightly bitter and very cold beer. Perfect for cocktails.


La Barberie White blackberry

Naturally Tinted wheat beer by blackberry. Slightly acidic fruits, malts present but subtle hops.


La Barberie Rousse strong fruit

Caramel malts very present scents of kirsch and fruitcake. This bitterness and slightly roasted. Very final round.


La Barberie Stout impérial

Rich and creamy dark beer with aromas of toasted grains (coffee and cocoa) and hoppy finish.


La Barberie Blonde au Chardonnay

Hybrid of beer and wine brewed from malt blond, chardonnay and champagne yeast. Creamy aromas of white fruits and honey, taste slightly woody.


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