Cheddar Cheese d'Antan "MILD"

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This lactose free cheese without rind firm cheese is made from organic raw milk and manufactured using microbial enzymes of vegetable nature , so no animal rennet. The cheese cream color has a buttery aroma and nutty flavor which thickens with age. It is available in the following varieties:

- Mild cheddar aged 60 days to 4 months

- Medium : aged cheddar 6 to 8 months

- Fort : aged cheddar from 12 to 15 months

- Extra strong : aged cheddar 18 months and more

Organic milk used to make cheese from organic farms located near Lac- Mégantic where the cheese . Cheeses bear the seal of " Québec Vrai " certification which certifies access to products made without pesticides, synthetic fertilizers , antibiotics or chemical additives , thereby ensuring the welfare of animals and the protection of the environment . Fromagerie La Chaudière offers quality products, good health , and chooses processes that help preserve the environment and promote sustainable development .

The CHEDDAR BIO OLDE is available at cheese in many health food stores and specialty stores .

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